Sustainably Fashionable

Sustainably Fashionable   You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know A couple of years ago, a friend of mine suggested we watch a Netflix documentary called The True Cost, which focuses on how, where, and by whom certain clothes are made in fast fashion. The

Jersey City Inspired Halloween Costumes

DIY Jersey City Inspired Halloween Costumes   Planning to go out in town for Halloween weekend? Use the opportunity to show some hometown pride and poke a little fun at Jersey City while you’re at it with these JC-inspired looks for adults and groups. If

Fall Trends, A Creation Story

FALL TRENDS, A CREATION STORY IN THE BEGINNING… The first New York Fashion Week was held in 1943 by then press director of the New York Dress Institute, Eleanor Lambert. It was the world’s first organized fashion week, termed “Press Week” at the time, and

3 Reasons to Move to Jersey City

Three Reasons Why You Should Move to Jersey City Now  If you ask a commuter in the morning speed-walking through Exchange Place at 7:30 a.m. why they live in Jersey City, you’ll most likely hear, “I work in The City, and it’s cheaper to live